Raw Organic Honey

Sourced from Rural Western Australia

BeeHappy Apiaries was established in 1993 with Colin Fleay a 3rd generation Apiarist & his partner Ruth Hamlyn, together they run their apiary which homes 400 hives.
BeeHappy Apiaries is Certified Organic with NAASA (National Standard for Organic & Bio Dynamic Produce) Reg – 6145
The BeeHappy Bees are moved around the state of WA following the floral seasons from North of Lancelin where the spring wildflower honey is harvested, through areas of the Avon Valley for the Eucalyptus Marri, Wandoo & Powderbark, to Jarradale for the unique & famous Western Australian Jarrah Honey, & as far south as Nannup & East to Coolgardie.

Located in Toodyay Town in the picturesque Avon Valley of Western Australia, Bee Happy Apiaries are members of a Fabulous Retail Outlet called “Uniquely Toodyay” situated in the main street in the Old Historic Post Office, you will find a great range of their honeys, Pollen, Beeswax & Candles. Uniquely Toodyay supports many local producers & Artisans

We have an amazing selection of Raw Honey that you have to try! This includes Jarrah, Marri, Wandoo, Powderbark and Wildflower.

Looking for your next superfood? Our Bee Pollen has mutiple health benefits ranging from increased energy to boosting your immune system. Find out here how you can benefit from this amazing food.

We specialise in extracting the highest quality beeswax to ensure the clearest and richest colour. Our beeswax product is also certified organic by NASAA!

Our chocolate contains no refined sugars, dairy, soy or GMO’s. We have incorporated raw Jarrah honey as a sugar substitute, This creates a beautifully natural tasting chocolate with a low GI index, unique to the world!

BeeHappy Honey Process

Our delicious natural honey is available in a variety of flavours, specific to the native flora available from strategic locations along the bees migratory path throughout Western Australia. Depending on the season and general availability, our varieties include: Jarrah, Blackbutt, Bottlebrush, Powderbark, Marri, Wandoo and Wildflower. These flavours and quantities rely on the abundance of native flowers throughout each season, which is directly related to climatic conditions.

Bee Happy® Honey is acclaimed for its wonderful full bodied flavour, this is a result of a combination of the strategic targeted native species of flora, and the unique extraction process.Minimal heat is utilised to ensure the honey is as close to its natural state as possible.

Bee Happy® Honey have an Organic Certification with NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia). We produce certified organic honey as well as premium West Australian honey both of which are available in a variety of sizes. When available, we also produce comb honey which is packaged and can be purchased through our suppliers or online.

Our high quality Bee Happy® Beeswax is also available as either cosmetic grade, organic and conventional and is poured to a variety of weights. Our 100% natural quality Bee Happy® Honey and Beeswax can be purchased from all of our suppliers or online. Some honey varieties may be limited, depending on the time of year.



Bee Happy® bees begin the winter months amongst the coastal sandplain at the back of the Pinnacles in Badjingarra National Park, near Cervantes. They migrate towards Lancelin in spring to follow the wildflower honey flow, then head down to Jarrahdale and Boddington for collection from native flowering Jarrah eucalyptus trees up until January. In January and February they move back up the Darling scarp in search of Redgum flowers, and move east in March and April towards Calingiri, north of Toodyay, where they collect pollen from the Wandoo and Powderbark eucalyptus flowers.

Our range of 100% natural quality products include our delicious honey which is available in various sizes and flavour, pollen, and our beautiful 100% beeswax.

Bee Happy® have a number of shops that stock many of our natural bee products, both regionally and in the Perth metropolitan area. If you are after a specific item or have any queries regarding our products, please do not hesitate to contact Colin or Ruth at Bee Happy® Honey on (08) 9574 2857 or by email at [email protected]

Honey’s anti-microbial quality is measured by the term “Total Activity (TA)” The higher the Total activity (TA) the more active its antimicrobial strength. The anti-bacterial activity of the honey is derived via natural enzymes in the honey. Honey with a Total Activity of 15+ can be used to treat wounds, burns and skin infections becoming increasingly effective as the TA level increases. Honey from the Western Australian Jarrah Tree (Eucalyptus marginata) has been thoroughly researched by the Department of Agriculture And Food Research Western Australia. The results show that Jarrah honey has special antimicrobial properties, measured in scientific laboratories achieving particularly high readings.

Bee Happy has experience exporting honey to domestic and international markets. All products currently listed online are available for wholesale and bulk purchases. Please contact [email protected] for further information regarding wholesale purchases.

Cert no: 6145

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Local Bee Apiaries and products unique to Toodyay, WA

With a taste unique to Western Australia and 45+ years in the honey producing industry Bee Happy have developed several amazing honey based products that will be sure to keep you smiling. Check out our store for all of our products.