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Beeswax items and Candles

Our beautiful range of Bee Happy® candles are personally handcrafted in Toodyay, Western Australia, with quality beeswax collected from certified organic apiary sites across the south-west..

Being a 100% natural product, our beeswax candles will burn longer and brighter than other candles and exude a wonderful sweet fragrance.

Make your own poured or rolled pure beeswax candles. Packs come with beeswax, wicking and instructions.

Our range of candles are available from a number of suppliers in Toodyay and Perth, and you can also purchase them singularly or in bulk quantities online or at Uniquely Toodyay.

Beeswax is available in a range of purities in pre poured weights of 250g, 1kg & 5kg blocks.


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