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Organic Beeswax
Bee Happy® Certified Organic Beeswax

Bee Happy® Beeswax

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Product Description
Bee Happy® Apiaries specialises in extracting the highest quality beeswax to ensure the deepest, richest colour. 

Organic beeswax selection is the second pour off the batch, The colour can be slightly darker.

This product is certified organic with NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia)

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Questions (5)
Hi I am wanting to make some waxed food wraps. Can the beeswax be used on its own or do other ingredients need to be added to do this? Also, approximately how many wraps would the 1kg block make? Thanks

hi , yes you do need other ingredients as well as the wax , i would suggest googling it , there are a few different recipes that you can use. A 1kg block would make approx 100 standard wraps

hi, as you already answered for the same kind of question, but do you think I can actually using for baking as well? I want to use it to coating a cake form before baking. Thanks!

yes it will be fine for this application. regards, Ruth Hamlyn

Can you use your wax to make lunch wraps? I was wanting to make them with my Year 6 class.

yes we sell wax for this purpose, regards Ruth Hamlyn

Is this food grade? Is it suitable for food wrap? Thanks

Hi, Yes for both!

How long does it takes to send organic beeswax to Melbourne

depends on quantity , i usually use Australia post , so 3 days service express or 5-7 standard , hope this helps your enquiry , kind regards , Ruth

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