BeeHappy Certified Organic Raw Bottlebrush Honey T/A 35+



Bee Happy® Certified Organic Raw Bottlebrush Honey T/A 35+, produced and packed in Western Australia.

Bee Happy® Organic Bottlebrush Honey is independently tested for its antimicrobial activity levels at certified laboratories within Australia. This Batch has recorded a significant result T/A >35+

Sourced from the One sided Bottlebrush (Calothamus Quadrifidus) along the coastal plains near Lancelin  Western Australia. The myrtle usually flowers around the October-November period of the year.

Bottlebrush produces a beautiful smooth and subtle honey.

BeeHappy Honey has not been heat treated or finely filtered thus maintaining its natural nutritional magic.

This product is certified organic with NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia)
Cert #6145

Perth's Best Honey!

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