Sourced from Rural Western Australia

Premium Jarrah Honey TA35+ 425g

Raw Premium Jarrah Honey T/A 35+

Organic Jarrah TA35+ 425g

Organic Raw Jarrah Honey, T/A 35+


Organic Raw Jarrah Honey T/A 15+

Organic Marri TA20+ 275g

Organic Raw Marri Honey, T/A 20+

Organic Marri TA30+ 425g

Organic Raw Marri Honey, T/A 30+

Organic Marri TA35+ 425g

Organic Raw Marri Honey, T/A 35+

Premium Bush Honey 425g

Conventional Bush Honey

Organic Bottlebrush Honey TA35+ 425g

Organic Raw Bottlebrush Honey T/A 35+

Organic Wandoo Honey 425g

Organic Wandoo Honey

Organic Powderbark 425g

Organic Raw Powderbark Honey

Organic Wildflower 425g

Organic Raw Wildflower Honey


Organic Beeswax


Organic Cosmetic Grade Beeswax


Conventional Beeswax

Perth's Best Honey!

Local Bee Apiaries and products unique to Toodyay, WA

With a taste unique to Western Australia and 45+ years in the honey producing industry Bee Happy have developed several amazing honey based products that will be sure to keep you smiling. Check out our store for all of our products.